Landlord Representation

The Garibaldi Group works diligently to represent commercial spaces and assist owners/landlords with custom leasing campaigns. We invest in each client’s vision, from industrial warehouses to redeveloped office parks. By implementing digital marketing and public relation strategies to commercial real estate, our team brings awareness to each project, secures the perfect tenants and mitigates rollover risk.

Backed by real estate market research and data trends, our leasing team capitalizes on lead generation to foster genuine relationships with prospects. Where large firms may see another project among many, The Garibaldi Group invests in you with a one-to-one partnership. Our team works directly with tenants, project management consultants and architects to build out space that fully meets the expectations of all parties involved.

Our Solutions

Our landlord representation campaigns keep the client’s vision at the forefront – starting with effective marketing strategies that produce results. We cater to the needs of owners and future tenants alike, accommodating all parties involved and acting as a trustworthy real estate adviser.

Tenant Retention

Through clear communications and coordination, we maintain relationships with tenants throughout their lease and serve as their go-to real estate adviser

Marketing Campaigns

Attract potential clients with a branded website, engaging content, real estate insights, and digital presence that maximizes your building’s awareness

Lead Scoring

Carefully curate prospect lists through questionnaires and one-to-one interviews to find the perfect tenants

Prospect Reports

Our marketing campaigns are 100 percent transparent and constantly evaluated to ensure optimal occupancy

Broker Relationship Campaigns

Avoid hit-and-run brokers by nurturing leads and providing educational resources and relevant marketing materials

Lease Negotiation

The Garibaldi Group’s experienced leasing team will arrange a complete deal, from a letter of intent to final lease terms between tenant and landlord

The team worked tirelessly on this crazy vision. What we ended up with was not another real estate development project. We built an entire brand.

Your vision, our insights.