The home for real estate intrapreneurs

Our mission is to enable your vision. We encourage creativity and empower the entrepreneurial spirit.

Our Story

As commercial real estate evolves, we’ve begun to classify ourselves as somewhat of a “100-year-old start up”. It serves as our guiding principle because it honors our history while creating an unrestricted outlook for the future.

We see our label as a 100-year-old company in the same way that we see ourselves as a “family business”. It describes our commitment to the work we do, and the people with whom we work. As a company, we thrive in a limitless atmosphere for our employees. If you dream it and believe in it, we will empower you to accomplish it. We will help you be the best version of you.

The State of CRE Brokerage

The world of brokerage is becoming more commoditized year after year. A perfect storm is developing — one that does not favor the brokerage professional.


Consolidation is happening more frequently


Attention is shrinking


Information and data is easier to access online

Do you find yourself wondering...

How do I stand out?

How do I earn more in the short term and keep more in the long term?

How do I bring more meaning to what I do?

What Makes Us Different

We are a boutique, independently-owned commercial real estate firm established in 1919. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the real estate landscape at every turn.

We understand our “product” is our people and our knowledge. The three core areas we obsess over everyday are as follows:

Broker Development

People want to deal with a human, not a faceless company. What are you doing to grow your personal brand?

Wealth Creation

Deal velocity is crucial, but how are you maximizing your intellectual and relationship capital in the long term?


Source, win, execute.
As brokers, we do it all.
What if you just focused on what energizes you?

Our Core Values

We understand that making a company great comes down to being authentic, offering challenges, having a distinctive culture and contributing to society.

As such, we are driven by what we call G4 Culture or the core values our team lives by.

Be Generous

Big hearts are welcome here. Give to others – whether it’s your time, energy, money, advice or empathy. Do more than expected. Be kind, cooperative and friendly to your colleagues and community.

Have Grit

Courage and strength of character are necessary in both the big moves and the daily, small steps forward. Our team has the resolve to go all-in on both.

Always Growing

Never stop learning.

“When you stop growing, you start dying.”

Gather and Celebrate

Connection and belonging are the drivers in great relationships and meaningful work.
We acknowledge and keep both in sight.


Support the commercial real estate brokerage team through research, data collection, and outbound sales campaigns.
Execute various outbound sales activities utilizing our sales engagement platform to manage pipeline development.

The Client Service Coordinator role is a hands-on, fully immersive learning experience working directly under the president of the firm and acting as his main source of broker support.