Property Sales

Driven by the impact that commercial real estate has on corporate expenses, financial statements, and earnings per share, many corporations are taking a magnifying glass to their real estate portfolio. Our team concentrates on the needs of the client by providing state of the art financial analysis, investment expertise, and implementation capabilities in relation to corporate real estate.

The Garibaldi Group is proud to represent buyers and sellers of life science, industrial and manufacturing facilities across the globe, completing over a billion dollars in corporate transactions. Representative assignments include vacant building sales, short term sale/leasebacks, long term sale/leasebacks, forward commitments, and bond lease transactions.

Our Solutions

Through strategic property plans, on-the-ground brokerage and valuation, our team provides comprehensive knowledge of domestic and international market conditions, delivering best-in-class corporate real estate services.

Buyer/Seller Representation

We foster each client relationship with concrete data, market insights, comparative analysis, process due diligence, and supervision of final negotiations

Valuation Strategic Planning

Through comprehensive assessments, assign a value to an asset or opportunity and strategically construct plan to maximize that value to the client.

Financial Analysis

Utilize market data and client’s business information to build cash flow models in order to project cost comparisons between potential properties.


Earning clients access to capital, reducing occupancy costs and/or creating an exit strategy for specific assets while negotiating client favorable lease terms.

1030 Tax-Deferred Exchanges

The deferment of paying capital gains taxes when you sell investment property and acquire a “like kind” replacement property.

Market Analysis

Provide an in-depth study of the current marketplace with a fair and informed property assessment to educate buyers and sellers of opportunity and risk

The Garibaldi Group takes risks, are willing to invest their time, are technically strong and understand how a transaction affects a company. They are good at accomplishing goals; you never doubt what they are thinking. They keep things simple in a changing real estate climate.

100 years of trusted partnerships.