Garibaldi Team Selected To Represent 180 Park Avenue in Florham Park

FLORHAM PARK, NJ — Vision Properties and The Birch Group recently announced a newly appointed office leasing team to represent their newly acquired, class A office building at 180 Park Avenue in Florham Park. The new leasing team, consisting of Jeff Garibaldi Sr. and Jackie Madden of The Garibaldi Group, will help to rebrand and reposition the building with a fresh perspective as companies continue to strategize their return to the office.

The 220,000 square foot office building sits in the heart of The Green at Florham Park, a stunning mixed-use campus that is home to The Summit Medical Group, The Archer Hotel, and The New York Jets to name a few. The building itself is home to such recognizable brands as Maersk, Nature’s Bounty, and Exeltis.

“We’re excited for the opportunity to represent such a high-quality property,” says Jackie Madden, who will serve as the project lead for the Garibaldi team. “We’re especially excited to do so under the new leadership of a fresh and innovative team in Vision Properties and The Birch Group.”

In October, the Chatham-based Garibaldi Group celebrated 102 years in business. Best known these days for their work as the office leasing team for Bell Works, the successful metroburb in Holmdel, Garibaldi also launched their own co-working space in Chatham known as The Station in 2019, and most recently sold Morris County’s Alnwich Hall (355 Madison Avenue) in Madison to Restoration Hardware at the start of 2021. 

“Garibaldi’s reputation in the market is outstanding and the team presented an impressive plan to motivate and execute leasing at the property that us as owners could get behind,” says Vision Properties Northeast Vice President, Dave Milewski. “We are very excited to partner with them on this project.”

When it comes to the market itself, The Garibaldi Group president Jeff Garibaldi Sr. is optimistic that the timing of the announcement will work in their favor. 

“Yes, there still remains a great deal of uncertainty in the office market,” acknowledges the 40 year veteran, “but we’re seeing activity starting to buzz. The reason being is that most companies are out considering all of their options right now and with the infrastructure of this building, and the aesthetic appeal of the campus, 180 Park Avenue is a major contender for any potential tenant in the market.”

The building offers onsite cafeteria and coffee bar, fitness center, conference center, outdoor patio, walking trails, and an NJ Transit shuttle to and from the campus. It also provides office suites ranging in size from roughly 7,000 square feet to 41,000 square feet, which can accommodate a great range of businesses and business needs.

“With each and every Birch Group property,” says The Birch Group president Mark Meisner, “we strive to meet the needs and exceed expectations for both current and prospective tenants. Situated at The Green at Florham Park and located minutes from downtown Morristown, 180 Park Avenue has tremendous potential to attract a wide range of companies and their talent. We look forward to bringing The Garibaldi Group on board and welcoming new companies to this property over the coming months.”

Jackie Madden of The Garibaldi Group, commented: “A lot of focus is being put on the influx of sublease space on the market right now, and the challenge that it creates for the landlord to get direct deals done in the near future. Our take is that, in an uncertain office market like the one we are currently in, going direct is actually a significantly better option for the majority of tenants. The most obvious reasons are that you can better customize the lease to fit your needs and timeframe, as well as get tenant improvement dollars to make the space your own. However, a more relevant reason is the expectation that many landlords may look to reposition their assets over the next 12-18 months and if you have a sublease in a building that changes ownership, you may not only find yourself without any leverage moving forward, you actually might find yourself without an office when the sale is completed.”   


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