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We are all in search of answers that don’t quite exist yet. We’re juggling jobs and family, reading and research, wellness and productivity. We’re coworkers, psychologists, forecasters and medical experts, not to mention whatever our job titles say we are.

The Salve was created to be your partner. A collective of people under similar circumstances trying to fulfill similar roles, who are willing to share their findings to help shoulder the unreasonable workload of today.


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What we’re tuning in to:

Preparing the built world for the new normal | Part 1 | Openpath & CRETech

Our Takeaway

13:08 Gensler’s China offices are working in morning and afternoon shifts with masks

17:55 Easy fix to keypad access is cloud-based service with cell phones as entry key (technology already exists)

24:55 Reduction in janitorial services and parking fees might be an area that landlords are willing to save tenants money

29:05 CDC certified building? Living up to CDC guidelines and sanitization standards – not currently in place but if CDC was to offer a certificate like “The J.D. Power Award” for “safest vehicle”, can be reassuring to tenants/employees

30:27 In-building health services or infirmaries might be a reality, just like a fitness center

32:47 Potential for off-balance-sheet capital investment into building energy efficiency by 3rd party retrofit services

35:46 Future costs and technologies related to retrofitting offices will be discussed with and shared between the landlord and tenants


Preparing the built world for the new normal | Part 2 | Openpath & CRETech

Our Takeaway

9:58 HR will have a much bigger seat at the table when discussing real estate

Resilient Reentry
Two Phases


8:49 Resilient Re-entry – There will be three phases of thinking, walking through three main focus points:

10:40 People & Protocol

12:05 Organizational Culture & Agility

13:21 Workplace Impact

14:45 New Normal – Firms will have four options to consider when thinking about their future workspace:

15:00 Seasonal Mobility – Seasonal usage of office, and this might extend to area that suffers from seasonal natural disasters (e.g. hurricane season). Office is readily occupied during Summer and early Fall, but employees work remotely during the Winter and Spring flu seasons.

16:44 Team Mobility – Separate staff into collaborative teams and individual task-oriented teams, with the task-oriented teams working predominantly remotely, and collaborative teams working in office more often.

17:30 Office as a Brand & Culture Hub – Majority of employees are remote and called back to the office for meetings, events and team building.

19:13 Hyper Private Workspace – Firms breakup space to give all employees small (roughly 90-100 SF) private offices.


What we’re listening to:

Here is a list full of feel-good songs to help make the sunny days that much brighter, and the dreary days a little more tolerable. Each song was chosen for either its message or its quarantine snark. Either way, please be safe, stay healthy and enjoy!

Distanced, a Spotify playlist


Finding inspiration in:

New Rutgers Saliva Test for Coronavirus Gets FDA Approval

Emergency use authorization granted for new biomaterial collection approach



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